Hey gorgeous!

Thank you so much for visiting my page! My name is Alicia and I am a mom to a crazy two year old boy and have been married to my best friend for 5 years now. We are big fans of the outdoors, animals, and food, especially food ;) I am so happy you are here and would love to get to know you! 


Why A&D?

I have been an Agnes & Dora rep since December 2015 and have had quite a journey. I would say it has all been butterflies and rainbows, but Jesus said not to lie ;) It has, however, been an amazing journey full of ups and downs, all of which have lead me to meet so many amazing women and to learn so much about myself. A&D has helped me to grow into a person I never thought I would become, and to gain friends I never knew I needed, all while helping to support my family, because we all know, kids and dogs ain't cheap!

come join our tribe!

If you are interested in joining A&D, the Boss Moms team would love to have you! Just shoot me a message and I'd be happy to help answer any questions you may have :)