Interested in Joining?

A&D Boss Moms would love to have you!

Agnes & Dora is a heart-centered brand that seeks to recognize and empower women both professionally and personally. A&D was created by women, for women. Our products honor the boldest female scientists, designers, and revolutionaries. The versatility of our ever-expanding line declares that we recognize the inherent worth and boundless potential of our femininity.

To become an Agnes & Dora rep, you should first, find a current rep that you love. Someone that has a business practice and style that you feel you could work well with. This person will be responsible for mentoring and coaching you throughout your A&D journey. Once you have a sponsor, she will be more than happy to help you with the sign on process, give you more information, and to help you along the way. 

As far as kits go, there are currently two options, a $3500 or $5000 kit. Each kit includes a wide array of styles and sizes to help you achieve success from the start. We are still a young company, with only around 2800 reps, and plenty of room for growth. If you would like to learn more about initial kits, incentives, profits/commissions, or A&D as a company, feel free to reach out, I'd be glad to help you!